Monday, July 17, 2006


I am so excited right now. I am completely exhausted from working three double shifts in a row, but it's all for a good cause. I am going to Comic-con. It might change my life. I really think that in the future, post-Comic-con, I will have to refer to all my life experiences on a scale of 1-10, 1 being lame and 10 being COMIC-CON!! The best part about it is its a two fold experience, I am going to try and get some folks to see my portfolio and do some networking, AND I get to laugh at the people in costumes. Oh snap, there's a third part. I get to check out cool art and film stuff and maybe buy some more books. Oh man.... I am not sure if my heart will hold out for the entire time. The masquerade show with all the extreme hardcore fans? PLEASE. I am going to have to wear adult diapers. I need to go to bed now, but trust me, I will be dreaming of one of two things; a) Comic-con b) That I am on a capsizing boat looking for the emergency escape hatch and people are asking me for tabasco.

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Kristine said...

excuse me, but per chance do you have any tabasco??