Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have gotten bored

For the past couple of weeks, I have been taking a vacation, mostly from me. My official vacation began on the 3rd, after I shipped my portfolio off to an interested studio. I felt I needed some time to not have any pressure to do anything since graduating and going through all the portfolio preperation and the stress involved with that. I thought two weeks would be good, and I have been having to remind myself not to feel guilty, stressed, or inadequate in this time period. Now it has not even been two weeks, and I am getting antsy. SO, it looks like I shall now return to the portfolio and creating and all that jazz. I am too bored without any pressure or stress and I need something to do. I think the time off was good though, and maybe I should do it more often, but in smaller quantities.


Jules n Miah said...

Good thing, I was getting bored at work with no new artwork to look at!! Post some fun pictures already, sheesh!! Go eat a few more pickles and go crazy, huh??

Kristine said...

I think you need to post some more stuff. I am bored too.